1. velcro

verb. ['ˈvɛlkroʊ'] fasten with Velcro.


  • fix
  • fasten


  • unwire
  • unlock
  • unpin

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Rhymes with Velcro

  • acro
  • cancro
  • escrow
  • harcrow
  • macro
  • makro
  • scarecrow
  • suckrow
  • synchro

Sentences with velcro

1. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
These cuffs velcro around your ankles.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Sew the velcro strips onto the ends in that pinned position.

Quotes about velcro

1. Aside from velcro, time is the most mysterious substance in the universe. You can't see it or touch it, yet a plumber can charge you upwards of seventy-five dollars per hour for it, without necessarily fixing anything.
- Dave Barry

2. Velcro

noun. nylon fabric used as a fastening.


  • textile
  • fabric
  • material


  • insulator
  • conductor
  • incorporeal
  • unbodied