1. unlock

verb. ['ənˈlɑːk'] open the lock of.


  • open


  • lock
  • cork

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Rhymes with Unlock

  • hassebrock
  • overstock
  • interlock
  • antilock
  • antiknock
  • restock
  • bangkok
  • ballcock
  • undock
  • strock
  • sprock
  • skroch
  • pathak
  • o'clock
  • estok
  • elcock
  • alcock
  • ad-hoc
  • adcock
  • vlok
  • stokke
  • stocke
  • stock
  • staack
  • srock
  • spock
  • smock
  • skok
  • shrock
  • schrock

Sentences with unlock

1. Verb, base form
If you want to use the card again, you will need to unlock the memory card.

2. Preposition or subordinating conjunction
Press the Home button after the iPad has restarted and unlock the screen.

3. Noun, singular or mass
The picture with two doors open will open both doors when the unlock button is pressed.

Quotes about unlock

1. I hope to refine music, study it, try to find some area that I can unlock. I don't quite know how to explain it but it's there. These can't be the only notes in the world, there's got to be other notes some place, in some dimension, between the cracks on the piano keys.
- Marvin Gaye

2. I've got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.
- Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

3. Kisses open doors, I've noticed. That one gesture can unlock secrets, ease open feelings. It can't be prevented--these kisses just are. It's how they work. They break into basements you never knew you had.
- Susan Fletcher, Eve Green

2. unlock

verb. ['ənˈlɑːk'] become unlocked.


  • lock

3. unlock

verb. ['ənˈlɑːk'] set free or release.


  • disengage


  • bar
  • seal