1. vapour

noun. the process of becoming a vapor.


  • vapor
  • smoke
  • clouding up
  • phase transition
  • vaporization
  • evaporation
  • phase change
  • boiling
  • smoking
  • state change
  • physical change
  • vaporisation


  • abstain
  • absorb
  • substantiality
  • smokeless

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2. vapour

noun. a visible suspension in the air of particles of some substance.


  • water vapour
  • water vapor
  • suspension
  • steam


  • action
  • activeness
  • fall
  • stay in place

Sentences with vapour

1. Noun, singular or mass
Foaming in a distillation column may be due to the passage of vapour or gas.

2. Adjective
Tarp-like housewraps or other vapour barriers are an important part of keeping moisture and rot from entering the roofs and walls of a building.

3. Noun, plural
If this product is used for wall cavity insulation, it needs a spray on elastomeric vapour barrier on the inside of the wall to prevent mould and moisture damage.