1. parking

noun. ['ˈpɑːrkɪŋ'] space in which vehicles can be parked.


  • elbow room
  • room

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Rhymes with Valet Parking

  • remarking
  • embarking
  • sparking
  • sharking
  • marking
  • harking
  • barking

Sentences with valet-parking

1. Noun Phrase
The hotel has valet parking available and self-parking just a block away.

2. Noun Phrase
Other amenities include a heated indoor pool and hot tub, full-service salon and day spa and valet parking.

3. Noun Phrase
Hotel amenities include a fitness center, heated indoor pool, business center and valet parking.

4. Noun Phrase
Dry cleaning services are also available, as well as valet parking.

2. parking

noun. ['ˈpɑːrkɪŋ'] the act of maneuvering a vehicle into a location where it can be left temporarily.


  • tactical maneuver
  • tactical manoeuvre
  • maneuver


  • refrain
  • natural object

3. valet

noun. ['væˈleɪ'] a manservant who acts as a personal attendant to his employer.


  • gentleman
  • man
  • valet de chambre
  • gentleman's gentleman
  • manservant


  • female
  • juvenile
  • draftee
  • volunteer

4. valet

verb. ['væˈleɪ'] serve as a personal attendant to.


  • serve
  • attend to
  • attend
  • assist


  • black
  • white
  • fall short of
  • malfunction