Maneuver Past Tense

The past tense of Maneuver is maneuvered.

Rhymes with Maneuver

  • vancouver
  • remover
  • stuver
  • steuver
  • kluver
  • gruver
  • groover
  • zuver
  • mover
  • hoover
  • coover

How do you pronounce maneuver?

Pronounce maneuver as məˈnuvər.

US - How to pronounce maneuver in American English

UK - How to pronounce maneuver in British English

How do you spell maneuver? Is it manuver ?

A common misspelling of maneuver is manuver

3. maneuver

noun. ['məˈnuːvɝ'] a plan for attaining a particular goal.


8. maneuver

verb. ['məˈnuːvɝ'] act in order to achieve a certain goal.