1. tactics

noun. ['ˈtæktɪks'] the branch of military science dealing with detailed maneuvers to achieve objectives set by strategy.

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Example sentences of the word tactics

1. Noun, plural
Study competitors and compare their tactics to your own to discover new ways to sell clothing.

Quotes containing the word tactics

1. I'm an off-the-charts introvert. To me, being around groups of strangers is exhausting. I've had to sort of train myself to think about two tactics: finding common ground and invoking humor.
- Sam Yagan

2. I'm really happy I went to a Catholic school because a lot of the repressive tactics they use make for great senses of humor.
- Denis Leary

2. tactics

noun. ['ˈtæktɪks'] a plan for attaining a particular goal.


  • tactic
  • maneuver
  • plan of action


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