1. unscripted

adjective. ['ənˈskrɪptɪd'] not furnished with or using a script.


  • spontaneous
  • unwritten


  • prepared
  • induced
  • written

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Rhymes with Unscripted

  • conscripted
  • encrypted

Sentences with unscripted

1. Adjective
It is hard to mistake a scripted program for an unscripted one.

2. Verb, past participle
Skrrt with Offset (unscripted)

Quotes about unscripted

1. My writing partner, Nicki, and I became obsessed with a monologist who performs unscripted shows equipped with nothing more than scribbled bullet points and a glass of water. We wrote him a fan letter and found ourselves sharing lunch and eventually a friendship.
- Emma McLaughlin