1. induced

adjective. ['ˌɪnˈduːst'] brought about or caused; not spontaneous.


  • elicited
  • iatrogenic


  • instinctive
  • natural
  • intuitive

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Rhymes with Induced

  • reintroduced
  • overproduced
  • reproduced
  • introduced
  • produced
  • spruced
  • seduced
  • reduced
  • deduced
  • troost
  • proust
  • ruest
  • roost
  • reust
  • loosed
  • joost
  • boost

Sentences with induced

1. Verb, past participle
In the case of exercise induced asthma, however, physical exertion acts as the trigger.

2. Adjective
Locate the pressure switch tubing that connects to the induced draft blower on the furnace.

Quotes about induced

1. Let us be sure that the lady of our choice possesses certain tangible qualities that we admire; and if in other ways she falls short of our ideal, we must be patient and call to mind those qualities that first induced us to begin our courting.
- Murasaki Shikibu

2. self-induced

adjective. brought about by yourself.


  • autogenous


  • miscellaneous
  • mixed