1. unruffled

adjective. ['ənˈrʌfəld'] free from emotional agitation or nervous tension.


  • unperturbed
  • composed
  • unflustered


  • loud
  • noisy
  • audible
  • sound

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Rhymes with Unruffled

  • reshuffled
  • scuffled
  • shuffled
  • muffled

Sentences with unruffled

1. Adjective
Instead, try to remain calm and unruffled by her emotions.

Quotes about unruffled

1. Razo hopped back up and adopted a posture that said he was completely unruffled, never had been, and in fact was ready to do something manly like lift boulders or swallow live worms.
- Shannon Hale, River Secrets

2. Unruffled [10w] Nothing’s calmer than an unruffled duck eating a cool cucumber.
- Beryl Dov

2. unruffled

adjective. ['ənˈrʌfəld'] (of a body of water) free from disturbance by heavy waves.


  • smooth
  • still
  • calm
  • tranquil
  • placid


  • agitate
  • worry
  • louden
  • discomposure