1. unimaginable

adjective. ['ˌənɪˈmædʒɪnəbəl'] totally unlikely.


  • unthinkable
  • out of the question
  • inconceivable


  • hopeful
  • realistic
  • surmountable
  • practical


  • -able (English)
  • imagine (English)
  • imaginer (Old French (842-ca. 1400))
  • un- (English)
  • on- (Middle English (1100-1500))

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Rhymes with Unimaginable

  • able
  • abominable
  • acceptable
  • acceptable
  • accessible
  • accountable
  • accountable
  • achievable
  • acknowledgeable
  • acknowledgeable
  • actionable
  • adaptable
  • addressable
  • adjustable
  • admirable
  • admirable
  • admissible
  • adoptable
  • adorable
  • advisable

Sentences with unimaginable

1. Adjective
And for some folks, life without it is almost unimaginable.

Quotes about unimaginable

1. Everybody has a secret world inside of them. I mean everybody. All of the people in the whole world, I mean everybody — no matter how dull and boring they are on the outside. Inside them they've all got unimaginable, magnificent, wonderful, stupid, amazing worlds... Not just one world. Hundreds of them. Thousands, maybe.
- Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, Vol. 5: A Game of You

2. That's the whole problem with science. You've got a bunch of empiricists trying to describe things of unimaginable wonder.
- Bill Watterson

3. We carry the dead with us only until we die too, and then it is we who are borne along for a little while, and then our bearers in their turn drop, and so on into the unimaginable generations.
- John Banville, The Sea