1. unbiased

adjective. ['ˌənˈbaɪəst'] without bias.


  • unbiassed
  • nonpartizan


  • unfair
  • unreceptive
  • prejudiced

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Example sentences of the word unbiased

1. Adjective
Instead, it serves as an unbiased account by law enforcement of the details surrounding an incident.

2. Verb, past participle
Purchase a reputable security program from a company that has unbiased reviews from multiple sources.

Quotes containing the word unbiased

1. The way to find out about our place in the universe is by examining the universe and by examining ourselves - without preconceptions, with as unbiased a mind as we can muster.
- Carl Sagan

2. unbiased

adjective. ['ˌənˈbaɪəst'] characterized by a lack of partiality.


  • indifferent
  • unbiassed


  • heedful
  • reactive
  • interested