1. converter

noun. ['kənˈvɝːtɝ'] a device for changing one substance or form or state into another.


  • electrical converter
  • electronic converter
  • device
  • data converter
  • convertor
  • catalytic converter
  • torque converter

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Rhymes with Torque Converter

  • mcwhirter
  • mcwherter
  • huerter
  • herter

Sentences with torque-converter

1. Noun Phrase
Measure from the front surface of the torque converter to the straight edge to measure the depth.

2. Noun Phrase
On the engine-side of the torque converter is a drain plug, which will sometimes leak.

3. Noun Phrase
You should now be able to see the torque converter and the flywheel.

4. Noun Phrase
At the front of the engine, between the engine and the transmission, is the torque converter.

2. torque

noun. ['ˈtɔrk'] a twisting force.


  • moment of a magnet
  • magnetic moment
  • torsion


  • pull
  • attract
  • centripetal force
  • repulsion


  • torqueo (Latin)