1. testing

noun. ['ˈtɛstɪŋ'] the act of subjecting to experimental test in order to determine how well something works.


  • experiment

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Rhymes with Testing

  • reinvesting
  • suggesting
  • requesting
  • molesting
  • investing
  • ingesting
  • divesting
  • digesting
  • cresting
  • breasting
  • wresting
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  • resting
  • nesting
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Sentences with testing

1. Verb, gerund or present participle
After this period, take a sample of the water to a pool dealer for testing.

Quotes about testing

1. Are you sleepwalking?' A voice asked behind me. "I was testing dorm security,"I said. "It sucks.
- Richelle Mead, Shadow Kiss

2. It must be comforting, to have a faith like that. To believe so concretely that there’s someone—something— out there watching guard, keeping us safe, testing us only with what we can handle.
- Hannah Harrington, Saving June

3. Spirituality exist in testing and experiencing the depth of inner peace consistently.
- Amit Ray

2. testing

noun. ['ˈtɛstɪŋ'] an examination of the characteristics of something.


  • examination
  • screening

3. testing

noun. ['ˈtɛstɪŋ'] the act of giving students or candidates a test (as by questions) to determine what they know or have learned.


  • examination
  • eleven-plus
  • 11-plus
  • investigation