1. taker

noun. ['ˈteɪkɝ'] one who takes a bet or wager.


  • wagerer
  • punter
  • better


  • uglify
  • break
  • deprive
  • get worse

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Rhymes with Taker

  • straker
  • spraker
  • quaker
  • kraker
  • fraker
  • craker
  • breaker
  • braker
  • blaker
  • shaker
  • saker
  • raker
  • maker
  • laker
  • faker
  • bakker
  • baker
  • acre
  • achor

Sentences with taker

1. Noun, singular or mass
In both sections, a strong math or science background is an advantage to the test taker.

Quotes about taker

1. The premise of the Taker story is 'the world belongs to man'. … The premise of the Leaver story is 'man belongs to the world'.
- Daniel Quinn, Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit

2. We left behind the other kids; their path-working, drinking, and being grown up- and rejected all that made them grumpy, uncreative and lifeless. We dumpstered, squatted, and shoplifted our lives back. Everything fell into place when we decided our lives were meant to be lived. Life serves the risk taker...
- CrimethInc., Evasion

2. stock-taker

noun. an employee whose job is to take inventory.


  • stocktaker


  • nonworker
  • mistress

3. taker

noun. ['ˈteɪkɝ'] one who accepts an offer.


  • customer


  • worse
  • inferior