1. dive-bombing

noun. a bombing run in which the bomber releases the bomb while flying straight toward the target.

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Rhymes with Suicide Bombing

  • embalming
  • rahming
  • calming

2. suicide

noun. ['ˈsuːəˌsaɪd, ˈsuːɪˌsaɪd'] the act of killing yourself.


  • self-annihilation
  • seppuku
  • harakiri
  • assisted suicide
  • hara-kiri
  • kill
  • suttee
  • felo-de-se
  • killing
  • self-destruction
  • harikari


  • switch on
  • add
  • begin
  • humorless

3. bombing

noun. ['ˈbɑːmɪŋ'] an attack by dropping bombs.


  • onset
  • bombardment
  • onrush
  • carpet bombing
  • bombing run
  • saturation bombing
  • area bombing
  • attack


  • praise
  • refrain
  • end
  • finish

4. suicide

noun. ['ˈsuːəˌsaɪd, ˈsuːɪˌsaɪd'] a person who kills himself intentionally.


  • slayer
  • felo-de-se

5. bombing

noun. ['ˈbɑːmɪŋ'] the use of bombs for sabotage; a tactic frequently used by terrorists.


  • sabotage


  • obey

Sentences with suicide-bombing

1. Noun Phrase
The idea that suicide bombings are always religiously motivated is false, but according to Oxford University sociologist Diego Gambetta, when religion is a motivation, the religion is always Islam.

2. Noun Phrase
In Islam in particular, the combination of this effect with the promise of “72 virgins” waiting in heaven for martyrs makes suicide bombing much more appealing.