1. spongy

adjective. ['ˈspʌndʒi'] easily squashed; resembling a sponge in having soft porous texture and compressibility.


  • soft
  • squishy
  • squashy


  • tough
  • coldhearted
  • inclement
  • difficult

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Example sentences of the word spongy

1. Adjective
Apply a thin layer of table tennis glue evenly over the spongy side of the rubber sheet.

2. Verb, past participle
This is connective tissue, and feels firm yet spongy to the touch.

3. Verb, base form
Bogs exist in colder climates and contain layers of peat and moss, making them spongy to the touch.

4. Noun, singular or mass
Repeat steps until pile has a spongy, rich black consistency.

2. spongy

adjective. ['ˈspʌndʒi'] like a sponge in being able to absorb liquids and yield it back when compressed.


  • spongelike
  • absorptive


  • softness
  • loud
  • noisy