1. spaced

adjective. ['ˈspeɪst'] spaced apart.


  • separated


  • unleaded
  • unfixed

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Rhymes with Spaced

  • misplaced
  • interlaced
  • displaced
  • disgraced
  • unplaced
  • retraced
  • replaced
  • lambaste
  • foretaste
  • embraced
  • distaste
  • encased
  • defaced
  • debased
  • traced
  • placed
  • graced
  • erased
  • braced
  • waste
  • waist
  • taste
  • raced
  • paste
  • laced
  • haste
  • faced
  • chaste
  • chased
  • baste

Sentences with spaced

1. Verb, past participle
Many metal grooming combs have widely spaced teeth on one side that gradually get closer toward the other end.

2. Verb, past tense
This ensures that your second picture is centered on the wall and correctly spaced beneath the first picture.

Quotes about spaced

1. I saw the years of my life spaced along a road in the form of telephone poles threaded together by wires. I counted one, two, three... nineteen telephone poles, and then the wires dangled into space, and try as I would, I couldn't see a single pole beyond the nineteenth.
- Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

2. double-spaced

adjective. (of type or print) having a blank line between lines of type.


  • concentrated

3. spaced-out

adjective. stupefied by (or as if by) some narcotic drug.


  • spacey
  • unconventional


  • unoriginal
  • regular
  • unperplexed

4. spaced-out

adjective. confused or disoriented as if intoxicated through taking a drug.


  • unconventionality

5. single-spaced

adjective. (of type or print) not having a blank space between lines.


  • concentrated

6. spaced

adjective. ['ˈspeɪst'] arranged with spaces between; often used as a combining form.


  • double-spaced
  • single-spaced


  • collective
  • joint
  • uninjured