1. slacken

verb. ['ˈslækən'] become slow or slower.


  • slack
  • slow down
  • slow up
  • weaken


  • strain
  • stay
  • inflate
  • accelerate

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Rhymes with Slacken

  • mcmakin
  • mcmackin
  • mccrackin
  • mccracken
  • glacken
  • bracken
  • blacken
  • macken
  • machen
  • hakon
  • chacon
  • bakken

Sentences with slacken

1. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
Check that it doesn't drop down when you slacken or tighten your reins.

2. Verb, base form
Release the arm and the belt will slacken enough to take it from the alternator pulley.

Quotes about slacken

1. My face in thine eye, thine in mine appeares, And true plaine hearts doe in the faces rest, Where can we finde two better hemispheares Without sharpe North, without declining West? What ever dyes, was not mixt equally; If our two loves be one, or, thou and I Love so alike, that none doe slacken, none can die.
- John Donne, The Complete English Poems

2. slacken

verb. ['ˈslækən'] make less active or fast.


  • relax
  • slack up
  • decrease
  • lessen
  • minify


  • stretch
  • expand
  • appreciate
  • lengthen

3. slacken

verb. ['ˈslækən'] make slack as by lessening tension or firmness.


  • loose
  • douse
  • remit
  • dowse


  • tightness
  • dehydrate
  • tense
  • diligent

4. slacken

verb. ['ˈslækən'] become looser or slack.


  • running