1. kebab

noun. ['kəˈbɑːb'] cubes of meat marinated and cooked on a skewer usually with vegetables.


  • souvlakia
  • dish
  • shish kebab
  • kabob


  • inactivity


  • kebap (Turkish)
  • كباب (Arabic)

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Sentences with shish-kebab

1. Noun Phrase
Instead of purchasing pre-cut shish kebab meat -- and paying the butcher for cutting it -- you can save money by purchasing a beef bottom round roast and cutting it yourself.

2. Noun Phrase
Beef for shish kebabs most often comes from a tender cut of meat, but a leaner, tougher cut like beef bottom round can work if it's properly tenderized to make it less chewy.

3. Noun Phrase
Arrange the shish kebabs in rows in a glass casserole dish and pour the marinade over them.

4. Noun Phrase
Soak wooden shish kebab skewers in water for at least an hour before grilling.