1. sharpshooter

noun. ['ˈʃɑːrpʃuːtɝ, ˈʃɑːrpˌʃuːtɝ'] a fast schooner once used by New England fisherman for illegal fishing in Canadian waters.


  • amateur

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Rhymes with Sharpshooter

  • minisupercomputer
  • persecutor
  • prosecutor
  • superminicomputer
  • telecommuter
  • troubleshooter

Sentences with sharpshooter

1. Noun, singular or mass
Understanding windage and elevation controls and when to use them are a requirement for any sharpshooter.

2. Adjective, comparative
Don't miss the Garst Museum in Greenville, which commemorates sharpshooter Annie Oakley with artifacts and a memorial.

2. sharpshooter

noun. ['ˈʃɑːrpʃuːtɝ, ˈʃɑːrpˌʃuːtɝ'] an athlete noted for accurate aim.


  • athlete

3. sharpshooter

noun. ['ˈʃɑːrpʃuːtɝ, ˈʃɑːrpˌʃuːtɝ'] someone skilled in shooting.


  • franc-tireur
  • shooter
  • marksman
  • sniper
  • crack shot
  • rifleman
  • shot