1. retribution

noun. ['ˌrɛtrəˈbjuːʃən'] the act of correcting for your wrongdoing.


  • rectification


  • advantage
  • reward

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Rhymes with Retribution

  • redistribution
  • electrocution
  • counterrevolution
  • distribution
  • contribution
  • substitution
  • prostitution
  • prosecution
  • constitution
  • restitution
  • persecution
  • lilliputian
  • institution
  • execution
  • attribution
  • revolution
  • resolution
  • elocution
  • dissolution
  • diminution
  • devolution
  • confucian
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  • absolution
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Sentences with retribution

1. Noun, singular or mass
Integrity allows employees to not fear retribution for their honest opinions and ideas.

Quotes about retribution

1. I mean that we here are on the wrong side of the tapestry,' answered Father Brown. 'The things that happen here do not seem to mean anything; they mean something somewhere else. Somewhere else retribution will come on the real offender. Here it often seems to fall on the wrong person.
- G.K. Chesterton, The Innocence of Father Brown

2. I see now that my faith was becoming an ally rather than an enemy because I could vent anger freely, even toward God, without fearing retribution.
- Gerald L. Sittser, A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows through Loss

3. A traitor commits his crime but once. The rest/is retribution.
- Marie Howe, The Good Thief

2. retribution

noun. ['ˌrɛtrəˈbjuːʃən'] a justly deserved penalty.


  • requital

3. retribution

noun. ['ˌrɛtrəˈbjuːʃən'] the act of taking revenge (harming someone in retaliation for something harmful that they have done) especially in the next life; I will repay, saith the Lord"--Romans 12:19.


  • payback
  • revenge
  • vengeance