1. pulling

noun. ['ˈpʊlɪŋ'] the act of pulling; applying force to move something toward or with you.


  • pluck
  • haul
  • haulage
  • excision
  • actuation
  • draw
  • pull
  • deracination
  • traction
  • propulsion
  • tug
  • extirpation
  • jerk
  • draft
  • draught
  • drawing


  • exhale
  • stay in place
  • dissuade
  • undercharge

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Words that Rhyme with Pulling

  • shuffling
  • uehling

Example sentences of the word pulling

1. Verb, gerund or present participle
Then stand up and stretch your quadriceps by pulling one leg up toward your rear.

Quotes containing the word pulling

1. Marriage is like putting your hand into a bag of snakes in the hope of pulling out an eel.
- Leonardo da Vinci

2. Shouldn't someone give a pep talk or something?"Minho asked, pulling Thomas's attention away from Alby."Go ahead,"Newt replied.Minho nodded and faced the crowd. "Be careful,"he said dryly. "Don't die.
- James Dashner, The Maze Runner

3. I could tell by their audible gasps that the people on the beach were jealous of me when I found five shark's teeth. Locating them wasn't really the problem, but pulling them out of my leg was.
- Jarod Kintz, It Occurred to Me

2. leg-pulling

noun. as a joke: trying to make somebody believe something that is not true.


  • jest
  • leg-pull
  • joke