1. propelling

adjective. ['prəˈpɛlɪŋ'] tending to or capable of propelling.


  • propellent
  • propellant
  • dynamical
  • propulsive


  • lethargic
  • disincentive
  • stative
  • adynamic

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Example sentences of the word propelling

1. Verb, gerund or present participle
The feet are webbed to aid in propelling the frog through the water.

Quotes containing the word propelling

1. It's true, I am afraid of dying. I am afraid of the world moving forward without me, of my absence going unnoticed, or worse, being some natural force propelling life on. Is it selfish? Am I such a bad person for dreaming of a world that ends when I do? I don't mean the world ending with respect to me, but every set of eyes closing with mine.
- Jonathan Safran Foer, Everything Is Illuminated

2. I honestly do not know if love vanquishes death as our traditional faiths teach but I do know that our vulnerabilities trump our ideologies and that love leavens the purity and logic of our beliefs propelling us to connect as the fiercely gracious human beings we are.
- Irwin Kula

2. self-propelling

adjective. containing within itself the means of propulsion or movement.


  • moving
  • automotive


  • motionlessness
  • immobile
  • unstimulating

3. self-propelling

adjective. moved forward by its own force or momentum.


  • dynamic
  • dynamical


  • lethargic
  • disincentive
  • stative