1. professional

adjective. ['prəˈfɛʃənəl'] engaged in a profession or engaging in as a profession or means of livelihood.


  • nonrecreational
  • paid


  • woman
  • conservative
  • man

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Rhymes with Professional

  • congressional
  • processional
  • confessional
  • concessional
  • obsessional

How do you pronounce professional?

Pronounce professional as prəˈfɛʃənəl.

US - How to pronounce professional in American English

UK - How to pronounce professional in British English

Sentences with professional

1. Adjective
A professional teacher should know how to listen as well as he can speak.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Determining the cause of a tired child takes patience and may require a health care professional's assistance.

Quotes about professional

1. Filmmaking, like any other art, is a very profound means of human communication; beyond the professional pleasure of succeeding or the pain of failing, you do want your film to be seen, to communicate itself to other people.
- Kenneth Lonergan

2. I try and tell all the kids that I meet that hope to be amazing one day and be a professional athlete or a doctor or a lawyer or whatever they want to be. I tell them they can do all that because Tourette's won't stop them.
- Tim Howard

3. Professionalism in art has this difficulty: To be professional is to be dependable, to be dependable is to be predictable, and predictability is esthetically boring - an anti-virtue in a field where we hope to be astonished and startled and at some deep level refreshed.
- John Updike

2. professional

noun. ['prəˈfɛʃənəl'] a person engaged in one of the learned professions.


  • professional organisation
  • grownup
  • adult
  • critic
  • primary care provider
  • yuppie
  • librarian
  • caregiver
  • bibliothec
  • professional organization
  • practitioner
  • PCP
  • health professional
  • attorney
  • educator
  • health care provider
  • publisher
  • careerist
  • pedagog
  • lawyer
  • professional person
  • pedagogue
  • practician


  • undeclared
  • unpaid
  • unprofitable
  • certain

3. professional

adjective. ['prəˈfɛʃənəl'] engaged in by members of a profession.


  • emotional person

4. professional

noun. ['prəˈfɛʃənəl'] an authority qualified to teach apprentices.


  • master
  • past master


  • immature
  • unsexy
  • con

5. professional

noun. ['prəˈfɛʃənəl'] an athlete who plays for pay.


  • semipro
  • athlete
  • free agent
  • jock
  • pro


  • uncertain
  • sure
  • unsure
  • uncertainty