1. priesthood

noun. ['ˈpriːsthʊd'] the body of ordained religious practitioners.


  • rabbinate
  • clergy
  • profession


  • layman
  • temporalty
  • the great unwashed
  • layperson


  • presthed (Middle English (1100-1500))

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Rhymes with Priesthood

  • lahood
  • mahood
  • nearhood
  • sisterhood

Sentences with priesthood

1. Noun, singular or mass
Admitting a postulant as a candidate for the priesthood is at the discretion of the bishop.

Quotes about priesthood

1. Comedy is still alive, and there are still funny people. Jews are still overrepresented in comedy and psychiatry and underrepresented in the priesthood. That immigrant Jewish humor is still with us.
- Robert Klein

2. As for what it's against - the story is against those who pervert and misuse religion, or any other kind of doctrine with a holy book and a priesthood and an apparatus of power that wields unchallengeable authority, in order to dominate and suppress human freedoms.
- Philip Pullman, His Dark Materials