1. layperson

noun. ['leɪˈpɝːsɪn'] someone who is not a clergyman or a professional person.


  • common person
  • common man
  • commoner
  • layman
  • laity
  • lay reader
  • secular


  • clergyman
  • heavenly
  • sacred
  • naive

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Rhymes with Layperson

  • persyn
  • ursin

Sentences with layperson

1. Noun, singular or mass
All surgical procedures must be done by a licensed eye doctor and must never be undertaken by a layperson.

2. Adjective
Sometimes a priest conducts the ceremony, but more often a layperson takes this role.

Quotes about layperson

1. Teaching the layperson (divulgare) is not distorting (tergiversare) the subject, but educating the public; and it is our duty as scientists to educate without distorting the essence of the scientific knowledge attained by humanity. The future of our society depends upon this premise.
- Felix Alba-Juez, Galloping with Light - Einstein, Relativity, and Folklore