Rhymes with Pressure

  • refresher
  • thresher
  • prescher
  • fresher
  • flesher
  • dresher
  • drescher
  • mescher
  • lesher
  • chessher
  • cheshire
  • chesher
  • beshore
  • escher

How do you pronounce pressure?

Pronounce pressure as ˈprɛʃər.

US - How to pronounce pressure in American English

UK - How to pronounce pressure in British English

How do you spell pressure? Is it presure ?

A common misspelling of pressure is presure

3. pressure

noun. ['ˈprɛʃɝ'] a force that compels.


9. pressure

noun. ['ˈprɛʃɝ'] an oppressive condition of physical or mental or social or economic distress.