1. preference

noun. ['ˈprɛfɝəns, ˈprɛfrəns'] a strong liking.


  • liking
  • predilection
  • penchant
  • weakness
  • taste


  • tasteful
  • tasteless
  • abstain
  • inferior

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Words that Rhyme with Preference

  • deference

How do you pronounce preference?

Pronounce preference as ˈprɛfərəns.

US - How to pronounce preference in American English

UK - How to pronounce preference in British English

Example sentences of the word preference

1. Noun, singular or mass
Cooking time will depend on the thickness of the meat as well as your desired preference for doneness.

Quotes containing the word preference

1. What sexual preference do you hope she has?” “Happiness.” Isnt that cool?
- Francesca Lia Block, Weetzie Bat

2. If [you're asked] what you think, tell. If you have a preference, voice it. If you have a question, ask it. If you want to cry, bawl. If you need help, raise your hand and jump up and down.
- Kristin Richter

3. As we have seen there is some kind of continuity in any case since every experience affects for better or worse the attitudes which help decide the quality of further experiences, by setting up certain preference and aversion, and making it easier or harder to act for this or that end.
- John Dewey

2. preference

noun. ['ˈprɛfɝəns, ˈprɛfrəns'] a predisposition in favor of something.


  • orientation
  • predisposition


  • powerfulness
  • good fortune
  • good luck

3. preference

noun. ['ˈprɛfɝəns, ˈprɛfrəns'] grant of favor or advantage to one over another (especially to a country or countries in matters of international trade, such as levying duties).


  • vantage


  • disinclination
  • disapproval

4. preference

noun. ['ˈprɛfɝəns, ˈprɛfrəns'] the right or chance to choose.


  • choice
  • option
  • wish
  • alternative


  • good part
  • invulnerability
  • strength
  • perfection