1. pneumonia

noun. ['nuːˈmoʊnjə, nəˈmoʊnjə'] respiratory disease characterized by inflammation of the lung parenchyma (excluding the bronchi) with congestion caused by viruses or bacteria or irritants.


  • pneumococcal pneumonia
  • pneumocystis pneumonia
  • bronchopneumonia
  • pneumocytosis
  • interstitial plasma cell pneumonia
  • respiratory illness
  • respiratory disorder
  • lobar pneumonia
  • viral pneumonia
  • respiratory disease
  • bronchial pneumonia
  • pleuropneumonia


  • πνευμονία (Ancient Greek (to 1453))
  • πνεύμων (Ancient Greek (to 1453))

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Example sentences of the word pneumocystis-carinii-pneumonia

1. Noun Phrase
The McKesson Corporation’s website lists a cancer known as Kaposi's sarcoma, pneumocystis carinii pneumonia or PCP, tuberculosis, meningitis and herpes simplex infections as the most frequently seen opportunistic infections.