1. pneumonia

noun. ['nuːˈmoʊnjə, nəˈmoʊnjə'] respiratory disease characterized by inflammation of the lung parenchyma (excluding the bronchi) with congestion caused by viruses or bacteria or irritants.


  • pneumococcal pneumonia
  • pneumocystis pneumonia
  • bronchopneumonia
  • pneumocytosis
  • interstitial plasma cell pneumonia
  • respiratory illness
  • respiratory disorder
  • lobar pneumonia
  • viral pneumonia
  • respiratory disease
  • bronchial pneumonia
  • pleuropneumonia


  • πνευμονία (Ancient Greek (to 1453))
  • πνεύμων (Ancient Greek (to 1453))

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Sentences with pneumococcal-pneumonia

1. Noun Phrase
Dorland's Medical Dictionary reports streptococcus pneumoniae is the cause of the most common type of bacterial pneumonia, pneumococcal pneumonia.

2. Noun Phrase
A parent should ask his child's health care provider if the pneumonia vaccine, which may protect a child against pneumococcal pneumonia, is appropriate for his child.

3. Noun Phrase
For this reason, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control recommend that people with diabetes be vaccinated for influenza, pneumococcal pneumonia and tetanus/diphtheria 5.

4. Noun Phrase
The Recombinant Attenuated Salmonella Vaccine experiment, or RASV, has an extremely important mission: find a way to save lives by accelerating the development of a vaccine to fight pneumococcal pneumonia.