1. petite

adjective. ['pəˈtiːt'] very small.


  • tiny
  • little
  • bantam
  • midget
  • small
  • lilliputian
  • diminutive


  • large
  • tall
  • high
  • important


  • petite (French)

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Rhymes with Petite

  • uncomplete
  • noncompete
  • indiscreet
  • incomplete
  • vanvliet
  • vanfleet
  • obsolete
  • mistreat
  • marquerite
  • marguerite
  • excrete
  • discrete
  • discreet
  • concrete
  • complete
  • secrete
  • retreat
  • replete
  • downbeat
  • deplete
  • conceit
  • compete
  • bufete
  • bridgette
  • backseat
  • unseat
  • streett
  • street
  • shumeet
  • repeat

How do you pronounce petite?

Pronounce petite as pəˈtit.

US - How to pronounce petite in American English

UK - How to pronounce petite in British English

Sentences with petite

1. Adjective
We advise staying under 31 inches — anything above that will likely be too large for your petite bath.

2. Verb, base form
Walk into a department store and you will see sections selling specialty sizing ranging from plus sized to petite.

Quotes about petite

1. I had just heard tales that the Valkyrie were large warriors, akin to Amazons.”“If you’re the sole survivor of an army attacked by us, are you going to say we had our asses handed to us by petite, nubile females, or by she-monsters who can bench Buicks?
- Kresley Cole, No Rest for the Wicked

2. I will bathe in your warmth ma petite. Roll you around me until my heart beats only for you. My breath will grow warm from your kiss.
- Laurell K. Hamilton, Burnt Offerings

2. petite

noun. ['pəˈtiːt'] a garment size for short or slender women.


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  • petite (French)