1. pasta

noun. ['ˈpɑːstə'] shaped and dried dough made from flour and water and sometimes egg.


  • rigatoni
  • bowtie pasta
  • noodle
  • mostaccioli
  • fettuccine
  • spaghetti
  • tortellini
  • vermicelli
  • couscous
  • dumplings
  • spaghettini
  • orzo
  • fettuccini
  • linguini
  • dumpling
  • solid food
  • food
  • cappelletti
  • macaroni
  • manicotti
  • tagliatelle
  • lasagna
  • ziti
  • penne
  • ravioli
  • linguine
  • lasagne
  • fedelline
  • alimentary paste


  • inactivity


  • pasta (Italian)
  • pasta (Latin)

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How do you pronounce pasta?

Pronounce pasta as ˈpɑstə.

US - How to pronounce pasta in American English

UK - How to pronounce pasta in British English

Sentences with pasta

1. Noun, singular or mass
Shake the pasta in the bag to spread the color evenly.

Quotes about pasta

1. Pasta isn't just for Italian food anymore. Now there are tasty pasta recipes found in Asian cuisine, and it's emerging as a newfound love for vegans.
- Marcus Samuelsson

2. Going round and around inside a dryer can be fatal, whereas pasta is rarely fatal. Unless Isabelle makes it.
- Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

3. I don’t trust the answers or the people who give me the answers. I believe in dirt and bone and flowers and fresh pasta and salsa cruda and red wine. I don’t believe in white wine; I insist on color.
- Charles Bowden

2. pasta

noun. ['ˈpɑːstə'] a dish that contains pasta as its main ingredient.


  • cannelloni
  • lasagne
  • lasagna
  • dish
  • macaroni and cheese


  • pasta (Italian)
  • pasta (Latin)