1. pareve

adjective. containing no meat or milk (or their derivatives) and thus eatable with both meat and dairy dishes according to the dietary laws of Judaism.


  • edible
  • eatable
  • comestible


  • unpalatable
  • tough
  • indigestible
  • poisonous


  • פּאַרעוו (Yiddish)

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Sentences with pareve

1. Noun, singular or mass
The word "pareve" means that neither meat nor dairy is present in the food.

2. Adjective
Foods such as fish, nondairy baked goods and fresh produce are considered "pareve," meaning they are neither milk nor meat, but may be eaten with either.

3. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
A neutral area for *pareve* foods is designated for preparing kosher products that are neither meat nor dairy and can be eaten with both meat and dairy dishes.

4. Verb, past participle
Fresh vegetables, eggs, flour and sugar are pareve.

5. Noun, plural
Eggs, like fish, are considered pareve or neutral (neither flesh nor dairy) and can appear in any kosher dish.