1. overdose

verb. ['ˈoʊvɝˌdoʊs'] dose too heavily.


  • drug
  • dose


  • brand-name drug
  • synergist
  • antagonist

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Rhymes with Overdose

  • adipose
  • amiprilose
  • aranyos
  • bellicose
  • cavazos
  • cellulose
  • centavos
  • comatose
  • fructose
  • glucose
  • grandiose
  • sucralose
  • zeos

Sentences with overdose

1. Noun, singular or mass
There are occasionally some side-effects, and dogs can become ill if they are given an overdose of glucosamine.

2. Adjective
Plants with a sugar overdose turn brown, soft and have a nasty odour.

Quotes about overdose

1. Books are a hard-bound drug with no danger of an overdose. I am the happy victim of books.
- Karl Lagerfeld

2. Girls are always saying things like, “I’m so unhappy that I’m going to overdose on aspirin,” but they’d be awfully surprised if they succeeded. They have no intention of dying. At the first sight of blood, they panic.
- Rachel Klein, The Moth Diaries

3. Excuse me, I feel interrupted and I think I've overdose from the idea of loving you.
- Robert M. Drake