1. outbound

adjective. ['ˈaʊtˌbaʊnd'] that is going out or leaving.


  • outgoing
  • outward


  • future
  • present
  • unsociable

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Rhymes with Outbound

  • background
  • battleground
  • campground
  • confound
  • earthbound
  • eastbound
  • electrosound
  • fairground
  • foreground
  • foxhound
  • greyhound
  • hidebound
  • homebound
  • horehound
  • merry-go-round
  • playground
  • runaround
  • snowbound
  • southbound
  • spellbound

Sentences with outbound

1. Adjective
Call the airline you plan to fly and book your outbound flight with a ticket agent.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Set up the routing so the outbound calls travel out the least expensive path.

3. Preposition or subordinating conjunction
Inbound and outbound telemarketers deal with a wide variety of customers, and must handle complaints and other issues.

4. Particle
Check reviews and details before buying, as some apps have limitations such as only recording outbound calls.