1. ointment

noun. ['ˈɔɪntmənt'] toiletry consisting of any of various substances in the form of a thick liquid that have a soothing and moisturizing effect when applied to the skin.


  • face cream
  • toilet articles
  • hand cream
  • toiletry
  • coldcream
  • sunblock
  • emollient
  • sunscreen
  • lanolin
  • vanishing cream
  • sun blocker
  • cold cream
  • nard
  • spikenard


  • soften
  • stay
  • unhealthful
  • hard

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Rhymes with Ointment

  • abandonment
  • abatement
  • aberrant
  • abhorrent
  • abortifacient
  • abridgement
  • absent
  • absorbent
  • abstinent
  • abundant
  • accelerant
  • accident
  • accompaniment
  • accompaniment
  • accomplishment
  • accountant
  • accouterment
  • accoutrement
  • achievement
  • acknowledgement

How do you pronounce ointment?

Pronounce ointment as ˈɔɪntmənt.

US - How to pronounce ointment in American English

UK - How to pronounce ointment in British English

Sentences with ointment

1. Noun, singular or mass
You may need to mix the ointment up a little with your fingers before each use.

Quotes about ointment

1. Really, the combination of the scabs and the ointment looks hideous. I can't help enjoying his distress."Poor Finnick. Is this the first time in your life you haven't looked pretty?"I say."It must be. The sensation's completely new. How have you managed it all these years?"he asks."Just avoid mirrors. You'll forget about it,"I say."Not if I keep looking at you,"he says.
- Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire

2. As I climbed up into the high old bed, the large fly in my personal ointment did the same. Had I actually told him he could get in bed with me? Well, I decided, as I wriggled down under the soft old sheets and the blanket and the comforter, if Eric had designs on me, I was just too tired to care."Woman?""Hmmm?""What's your name?""Sookie. Sookie Stackhouse.""Thank you, Sookie.""Welcome, Eric.
- Charlaine Harris, Dead to the World

2. ointment

noun. ['ˈɔɪntmənt'] semisolid preparation (usually containing a medicine) applied externally as a remedy or for soothing an irritation.


  • cerate
  • unction
  • baby oil
  • balm
  • zinc ointment
  • wool fat
  • cure
  • therapeutic
  • wool grease
  • mentholated salve
  • sacramental oil
  • lip balm
  • balsam
  • salve
  • carron oil
  • lanolin
  • mercurial ointment
  • chrisom
  • curative
  • arnica
  • holy oil
  • chrism
  • unguent