1. oilskin

noun. a macintosh made from cotton fabric treated with oil and pigment to make it waterproof.


  • mack
  • mac
  • slicker
  • mackintosh

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Sentences with oilskin

1. Adjective
Dip a cloth into the oilskin wax and apply it to the outside of the coat.

2. Noun, singular or mass
If you have an oilskin that is no longer waterproof or have an item that you would like to turn into an oilskin, you can do just that with a few common ingredients.

3. Foreign word
Despite being waterproof, oilskin is still prone to picking up mold, mildew or stains that can cause odors and can't be machine-washed or dry-cleaned.

4. Personal pronoun
However, oilskin's waxy finish wears off over time and with use.