1. obstructed

adjective. ['əbˈstrʌktɪd'] shut off to passage or view or hindered from action.


  • plugged
  • stalemated
  • stopped
  • choked
  • stopped-up
  • stopped up
  • blocked
  • barricaded
  • barred
  • closed
  • clogged
  • occluded
  • stuffy
  • thrombosed
  • blockaded
  • deadlocked


  • open
  • uncaulked
  • unmarked
  • unsealed

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Rhymes with Obstructed

  • unreconstructed
  • reconstructed
  • constructed
  • instructed
  • destructed
  • inducted
  • deducted
  • abducted

Sentences with obstructed

1. Verb, past participle
Move any furniture out of the way so you aren't obstructed while cleaning.

2. Adjective
Gas and bloating are not fatal, but are generally a sign of slowed or obstructed digestion.

Quotes about obstructed

1. The optimist underestimates how difficult it is to achieve real change, believing that anything is possible and it's possible now. Only by confronting head-on the reality that all progress is going to be obstructed by vested interests and corrupted by human venality can we create realistic programmes that actually have a chance of success.
- Julian Baggini