1. nudity

noun. ['ˈnuːdɪti'] the state of being without clothing or covering of any kind.


  • birthday suit
  • altogether
  • nakedness
  • condition
  • bareness
  • nudeness
  • undress
  • nude
  • status


  • cooked
  • painless
  • processed
  • covert


  • -ity (English)
  • -ité (French)
  • nude (English)

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Rhymes with Nudity

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  • accountability
  • accountability
  • activity
  • adversity
  • adversity
  • advisability
  • affinity
  • aggressivity
  • amity
  • annuity
  • annuity
  • anonymity
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  • availability
  • banality
  • believability
  • bestiality

Sentences with nudity

1. Noun, singular or mass
The Hays Code is one of the reasons why you never see any nudity or swearing in older movies.

Quotes about nudity

1. I'm not for gratuitous nudity, but if there's humor, I don't have a problem.
- Rebecca Romijn

2. To me, nudity is a joke. I don't think nude people are very attractive at all. I like my women fully clothed. I like to imagine what might be under there. It might not be the standard thing. Imagine, stripping a woman down, and she has a body like a little submarine. With periscope, propellers, torpedoes. That would be the one for me. I'd marry her right off and be faithful to the end.
- Charles Bukowski