1. naming

noun. ['ˈneɪmɪŋ'] the verbal act of naming.


  • numeration
  • denotation
  • indication
  • acrophony
  • specification


  • disapproval
  • acknowledged
  • unacknowledged
  • rejection

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Rhymes with Naming

  • proclaiming
  • exclaiming
  • disclaiming
  • reclaiming
  • inflaming
  • acclaiming
  • framing
  • flaming
  • claiming
  • blaming
  • taming
  • shaming
  • maiming
  • gaming
  • aiming

Sentences with naming

1. Verb, gerund or present participle
This can be done by naming them as co-defendants in the suit against the corporation.

Quotes about naming

1. We the mortals touch the metals,the wind, the ocean shores, the stones,knowing they will go on, inert or burning,and I was discovering, naming all the these things:it was my destiny to love and say goodbye.
- Pablo Neruda, Still Another Day

2. There are many forms of love and affection, some people can spend their whole lives together without knowing each other's names. Naming is a difficult and time-consuming process; it concerns essences, and it means power. But on the wild nights who can call you home? Only the one who knows your name.
- Jeanette Winterson, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit

3. A Paradox, the doughnut hole. Empty space, once, but now they've learned to market even that. A minus quantity; nothing, rendered edible. I wondered if they might be used-metaphorically, of course-to demonstrate the existence of God. Does naming a sphere of nothingness transmute it into being?
- Margaret Atwood, Der blinde Mörder

2. naming

adjective. ['ˈneɪmɪŋ'] inclined to or serving for the giving of names.


  • denotative
  • appellative


  • activation
  • continuance
  • continuation

3. naming

noun. ['ˈneɪmɪŋ'] the act of putting a person into a non-elective position.


  • appointment
  • co-optation
  • conclusion
  • delegacy
  • determination
  • nomination
  • recognition
  • ordinance
  • designation
  • decision
  • co-option
  • assignment


  • defeat
  • beginning
  • victory
  • middle