1. bromide

noun. ['ˈbroʊˌmaɪd'] a trite or obvious remark.


  • comment
  • truism
  • remark
  • input
  • platitude
  • commonplace
  • cliche


  • falsehood
  • original
  • exciting
  • extraordinary

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Words that Rhyme with Methyl Bromide

Example sentences of the word methyl-bromide

1. Noun Phrase
Another way of meeting ISPM 15 standards is to get the export wood crates fumigated with methyl bromide.

2. Noun Phrase
Chemical treatment sees a surface pesticide, preservative or methyl bromide fumigation applied to the teak.

3. Noun Phrase
Methyl iodide replaced methyl bromide, as the latter damaged the ozone layer.

2. bromide

noun. ['ˈbroʊˌmaɪd'] any of the salts of hydrobromic acid; formerly used as a sedative but now generally replaced by safer drugs.


  • halide
  • hydrogen bromide
  • methyl bromide

3. methyl

noun. ['ˈmɛθəl'] the univalent radical CH3- derived from methane.


  • alkyl radical
  • hydroxymethyl
  • methyl group
  • alkyl group
  • methyl radical
  • aminomethane