Synonyms and Antonyms for menstrual-phase

1. menstrual phase (n.)

the phase of the menstrual cycle during which the lining of the uterus is shed (the first day of menstrual flow is considered day 1 of the menstrual cycle)

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2. menstrual (adj.)

of or relating to menstruation or the menses


3. phase-out (n.)

the act or instance of a planned discontinuation

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5. phase (n.)

(physical chemistry) a distinct state of matter in a system; matter that is identical in chemical composition and physical state and separated from other material by the phase boundary

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6. phase (n.)

a particular point in the time of a cycle; measured from some arbitrary zero and expressed as an angle

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7. phase (v.)

adjust so as to be in a synchronized condition

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8. phase (n.)

(astronomy) the particular appearance of a body's state of illumination (especially one of the recurring shapes of the part of Earth's moon that is illuminated by the sun)

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9. phase (v.)

arrange in phases or stages

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