1. manipulable

adjective. easily managed (controlled or taught or molded).


  • flexibility
  • tractability
  • tamed
  • tamable
  • obedient
  • ductile
  • tractableness
  • docile
  • tame
  • compliant
  • tameable
  • teachable
  • manageable
  • malleable


  • stubborn
  • intractable
  • intractability
  • defiant
  • wild
  • unmanageable

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Sentences with manipulable

1. Adjective
If the image was saved in a format that preserved this kind of image information, such as the ".psd" format in Photoshop, then information like this may still be manipulable.

2. Noun, singular or mass
While you can import images into Excel, you should convert your scanned images to text files in order to make your data manipulable.