1. maddening

adjective. ['ˈmædənɪŋ, ˈmædnɪŋ'] extremely annoying or displeasing.


  • exasperating
  • vexing
  • infuriating


  • pleasant
  • beautiful
  • moderating
  • agreeable

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Rhymes with Maddening

  • saddening

Sentences with maddening

1. Verb, gerund or present participle
If you've ever gotten something in your eye you know that it's maddening.

2. Noun, singular or mass
They put a maddening amount of thought into where to pee.

Quotes about maddening

1. To have the beginning of a truly great story, you need to have a character you're completely and utterly obsessed with. Without obsession, to the point of a maddening addiction,there's no point to continue.
- Jennifer Salaiz

2. Particularity leads to peculiarity and then to pathological behavior. The three Ps. It is very insidious. You would eventually end up in a box. If you try to control your environment, it will control you. And everyone else around you will always have to be making adjustments to your maddening idiosyncracies...You are beginning to enslave yourself with your fussiness.
- Susan Trott