1. lifeline

noun. ['ˈlaɪˌflaɪn'] line that raises or lowers a deep-sea diver.


  • curve

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Sentences with lifeline

1. Noun, singular or mass
It is through this lifeline that the puppy gets the nourishment she needs to grow strong.

Quotes about lifeline

1. People talk about books being an escape, but here on the tube, this one feels more like a lifeline...The motion of the train makes her head rattle, but her eyes lock on the words the way a figure skater might choose a focal point as she spins, and just like that, she's grounded again.
- Jennifer E. Smith, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

2. lifeline

noun. ['ˈlaɪˌflaɪn'] line thrown from a vessel that people can cling to in order to save themselves from drowning.


  • line


  • disjoin
  • inactivity

3. lifeline

noun. ['ˈlaɪˌflaɪn'] support that enables people to survive or to continue doing something (often by providing an essential connection).


  • uncover

4. lifeline

noun. ['ˈlaɪˌflaɪn'] a crease on the palm; its length is said by palmists to indicate how long you will live.


  • crease
  • furrow
  • line of life
  • crinkle
  • seam
  • life line
  • line


  • noncompliance
  • empty
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