1. licking

noun. ['ˈlɪkɪŋ'] an unsuccessful ending to a struggle or contest.


  • walloping
  • waterloo
  • finish
  • whipping
  • thrashing
  • ending
  • defeat
  • skunk
  • lurch
  • conclusion
  • rout
  • shutout
  • failure
  • debacle
  • drubbing
  • slaughter
  • whitewash
  • heartbreaker


  • beginning
  • victory
  • start
  • middle

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Rhymes with Licking

  • tricking
  • sticking
  • ticking
  • picking
  • kicking
  • bicking

Sentences with licking

1. Verb, gerund or present participle
Check the spot where your cat is licking.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Switch her to hypoallergenic products like food and shampoo to reduce irritation and stop the licking.

Quotes about licking

1. I'm a girl of extremes. When I love something, I'm like a puppy dog (without all the licking). When I'm cranky, I'm a wasp (like a whole hive of 'em). And when I'm angry, I'm a Mother Bear with a predator after her cubs: Dangerous.
- James Patterson, Fang

2. I had a dream about you last night... you kept meowing at people and licking yourself it was not unlike you normally.
- Nicole McKay, I Had a Dream About You

3. Cael, come on. Stop licking the dude. That's gross."Letty let out a snort. "Please, like you don't lick dudes.""That's different,"Dex explained with a grimace. "None of those dudes were Ash. Besides, last time I checked, Ash was allergic to nuts.
- Charlie Cochet, Hell & High Water

2. licking

noun. ['ˈlɪkɪŋ'] the act of inflicting corporal punishment with repeated blows.


  • whacking
  • tanning
  • whipping
  • thrashing
  • drubbing
  • lacing
  • beating
  • corporal punishment
  • flagellation
  • lashing
  • flogging


  • little
  • begin
  • defeat
  • continue