1. kitschy

adjective. effusively or insincerely emotional.


  • schmaltzy
  • sentimental
  • emotional
  • schmalzy
  • bathetic
  • mushy
  • drippy
  • soppy
  • hokey
  • soupy
  • maudlin
  • slushy


  • tough
  • unemotionality
  • unmoving
  • unmoved


  • -y (English)
  • -y (Middle English (1100-1500))
  • kitsch (English)
  • Kitsch (German)

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Sentences with kitschy

1. Verb, base form
Local dinner shows and other low key attractions such as old time photos and kitschy museums can fill out your itinerary.

2. Adjective
Mounting a ceramic animal head is a great way to draw upon kitschy rustic cabin decor without having real animal heads in your home.

3. Noun, singular or mass
The casual American-style dining spot has a kitschy, retro vibe on the outside and that classic old-school diner look inside.

4. Foreign word
Now, your picnics, cookouts, and camping trips are about to get a colorful, kitschy upgrade.