1. introverted

adjective. ['ˈɪntroʊˌvɝːtɪd'] given to examining own sensory and perceptual experiences.


  • introspectiveness
  • self-examining


  • introspective
  • unthoughtfulness
  • introspectiveness

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Rhymes with Introverted

  • abated
  • abbreviated
  • abducted
  • abducted
  • abetted
  • abrogated
  • abstracted
  • accelerated
  • accented
  • accentuated
  • acclimated
  • accredited
  • accreted
  • accumulated
  • acquainted
  • acquitted
  • acted
  • activated
  • adapted
  • addicted

Sentences with introverted

1. Verb, past participle
Shy or introverted individuals may find success as graphic designers or freelance artists.

2. Adjective
Kids who are more introverted and shy may feel anxious about being out of their element.

3. Verb, past tense
Shy and introverted users find it easier to interact with strangers when a computer screen stands between them.

Quotes about introverted

1. He was an introverted kid, so I didn’t send him to his room as punishment. No, I took him to a party.
- Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE