1. insufferable

adjective. ['ˌɪnˈsʌfɝəbəl'] used of persons or their behavior.


  • intolerable
  • impossible
  • unacceptable
  • unsufferable
  • unbearable


  • permissible
  • hopeful
  • realistic
  • surmountable


  • in- (English)
  • in (Latin)
  • sufferable (English)
  • -able (English)

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Rhymes with Insufferable

  • able
  • abominable
  • acceptable
  • acceptable
  • accessible
  • accountable
  • accountable
  • achievable
  • acknowledgeable
  • acknowledgeable
  • actionable
  • adaptable
  • addressable
  • adjustable
  • admirable
  • admirable
  • admissible
  • adoptable
  • adorable
  • advisable

Sentences with insufferable

1. Adjective
Is there anything that is more insufferable than trying to evenly hang a picture frame by yourself?

Quotes about insufferable

1. I have a hundred-year-old aunt who aspires to sainthood, and whose only wish has been to go into the convent, but no congregation, not even the Little Sisters of Charity, could tolerate her for more than a few weeks, so the family has had to look after her. Believe me, there is nothing so insufferable as a saint, I wouldn't sic one on my worst enemy.
- Isabel Allende, Mi país inventado: Un paseo nostálgico por Chile

2. Preparation [10w] Hope for the best, but prepare for your insufferable wife.
- Beryl Dov