1. increased

adjective. ['ˌɪnˈkriːst, ˈɪnˌkriːst'] made greater in size or amount or degree.


  • enhanced
  • exaggerated
  • inflated
  • redoubled
  • enlarged
  • elevated
  • raised
  • multiplied
  • accumulated
  • magnified
  • hyperbolic
  • accrued


  • moderate
  • unpretentious
  • small
  • little

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Rhymes with Increased

  • decreased

Sentences with increased

1. Adjective
Your cat will eventually lose her appetite, drink an increased amount of water and become lethargic.

2. Verb, past participle
If your dog isn't getting enough exercise and mental stimulation, this can lead to increased anxiety.

3. Verb, past tense
Other symptoms can include unsuccessful attempts to vomit, pale gums, increased heart rate and abnormal rapid breathing.

Quotes about increased

1. We have observed that, in society and the world in which we live, selfishness has increased more than love for others, and that men of good will must work, each with his own strengths and expertise, to ensure that love for others increases until it is equal and possibly exceeds love for oneself.
- Pope Francis

2. I believe that singing is the key to long life, a good figure, a stable temperament, increased intelligence, new friends, super self-confidence, heightened sexual attractiveness, and a better sense of humor.
- Brian Eno

3. My love of fine art increased - the more of it I saw, the more of it I wanted to see.
- J. Paul Getty